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All the rumors have finally died down and many skeptics have tightened their lips, the iPod does support video format now on its fifth generation. While the iPod is not the first to come up with this, it has certainly made its stature as the greatest in the market and can be dubbed as the best multimedia portable player available.

With its popularity and iconesque standing, the iPod has made sharing videos easier. You don’t need to be lugging around different equipments for your music, your notes, your photos and your videos. You can have the standard where every other portable multimedia players are gauged to and not need anything else. Video playback capabilities have made it a complete multi media equipment, but not all formats are supported just yet. So if you want to put your videos in your iPod you have to make sure that they are in a supported format.

But don’t worry, you can convert your videos into the supported format so you can still upload and watch it in your iPod video. All it takes is a special software that is programmed to do the conversion act. This is a program generally dubbed as a video converter for the iPod.

The Converter iPod Video is a very good video converter suitable for your iPod and its needs. It offers a simple and comprehensive way on how to convert all of the popular video formats to iPod video, like transforming AVI to iPod, Mpeg to iPod and WMV to iPod. Not only that, this also features the ability to transfer audio files with WAV, MP2 etc. to iPod supported with mp3 configurations. All the conversions procedures are very speedy and simple to do. And the product of this video conversion is supported by the iPod system requirements and configurations so you can enjoy watching your favorite movies, home movies, music videos and whatever it is you desire on your iPod player. There are numerous converters for the iPod video available in the internet. Each of them offers their own special features for a minimal price. The following are some of the general features of a converter video iPod which all of the iPod enthusiasts and fanatics should know:

1. This software has the capacity to transfer AVI in to the iPod file.

You are able to convert AVI to iPod format that is supported by the video file. There are many set ups which you can use to attain an excellent video and audio quality.

2. The software is also capable of WMV conversion

The converter iPod video is a WMV converter too that makes it possible to transfer WMV to iPod.

3. It can transfer mpeg, mov, mp4 and asf file

The converter ipod video is also mpeg and mp4 converter. It has the ability to transfer mpeg file, mp4 and asf into the iPod. This software supports all famous formats to iPod and removing audio from video and transfer it to iPod supported mp3 file format. There are also many settings that can be used to attain an excellent quality of conversion.

4. This software also supports batch conversion

By simply choosing the files that you want to transfer, the converter iPod video will automatically program those, regardless even if the files have a different format.

5. It is also is preview-supported

The user has the option to preview the input files before converting.

6. It can also convert clips and segments

The software allows the user to choose the start point and intervals from a whole file.

7. It has a first class quality result

You can get high quality videos and not lose any of the quality in the process of conversion.

Many of these softwares are available for a free trial period. You can check out which one would be best suitable for you and your video conversion needs. As soon as you have tried them out, you can finally choose which one to buy and get full access to the other features.

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